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Electric Mobility by Ingeteam

A complete range of INGEREVĀ® charging stations for the e-vehicles of today and tomorrow.

With more than 45 years of experience in the power electronics sector and 3 decades in renewable energies, INGETEAM has used its expertise to design the INGEREVĀ® range of e-vehicle charging stations, available in AC and DC.

This range supports all types of charging powers and installation types, from rapid charging points to opportunity charging on a public road, including charging atshopping and leisure centers, the workplace, hotels, car parks and fleets.

FUSION Wall/Street

2.3 to 22 kW AC

Dual units for normal and semi-fast charging for any environment, public or private


50 kW DC

Multi-standard fast charging points, ideal for service stations and fleets with high rotation

RAPID ST 200/400

200 to 400 kW DC

Multi-standard ultra-fast charging station range of up to 400 kW