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RAPID 50 are the fast charging points within the INGEREVĀ® product line

A model for each necessity

RAPID 50 chargers are compatible with all standards: CHAdeMO, CCS and Mode 3 for charging all types of electric vehicles.

Depending on the charging standards required, it is available in several models: Trio, Trio S, One+, One+ S2, Duo and One.

Furthermore, any model with Mode 3 Type 2 socket or cable offers the possibility of simultaneous DC and AC charging.

Fully equipped

RAPID 50 features advanced local and remote communication capabilities via Ethernet and 4G for integration in remote control centers, payment platforms and charging networks using different versions of the OCPP protocol. They are equipped with a 7" TFT multi-language touch display. It is possible to install a credit card reader as an optional.

Maximum protection and resistance

The charger design combines ease of use with maintenance simplicity. Its sturdy steel housing guarantees exceptional resistance in even the most adverse ambient conditions.

  • CCS2 cable, 50 kW.
  • CHAdeMO cable, 50 kW*.
  • Mode 3 AC Type 2 cable up to 43,5 kW, or Type 2 socket up to 22 kW*.
  • Simultaneous DC and AC charging*.
  • RFID/NFC card authentication.
  • 7" color multi-language touch display.
  • Sturdy steel enclosure for exceptional resistance in adverse ambient conditions.
  • Short-circuit and overload electric protections.
  • Over-voltage Type III protections.
  • Dynamic Load Management between DC and AC, and with other INGEREV chargers,
  • OCPP, Modbus, MQTT.
  • Ethernet.
  • GPRS/3G/4G communications (optional accessory).
  • Credit card reader (optional accessory).
  • Smart DLM - Dynamic Load Management with the facility (optional accessory).

*Availability depending on the model.

Software and Communications

All RAPID chargers feature embedded control software INGEREVĀ® Web Manager, accessible via web browser, permitting configuration and control of the charger without any additional software.

Another standard feature is the possibility to interconnect with other RAPID and FUSION (AC) charging points, up to 30 devices in one location, applying Smart Charging strategies through our DLM or Smart DLM capabilities.

OCPP, Modbus TCP and MQTT for integration with other platforms.


For any incident involving equipment from the INGEREVĀ® range, you can contact our Technical Support Service (SAT), through the following e-mail: marketing@arushigreenenergy.com.