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FUSION Wall/Street

The FUSION range is available in two versions, FUSION Street for ground mounting and FUSION Wall for wall mounting.

This dual equipment range has been designed to cover all electric vehicle charging demands in public and private areas alike.

Its standard features include latest generation advanced functions such as Dynamic Load Management 2.0 (DLM 2.0), Ethernet and Wifi communications, and OCPP protocols.

  • Floor and wall mountable models, suitable for outdoor installations.
  • Single phase and three phase models, with up to 32 amps per charging socket.
  • Multiple charging sockets available, Mode 1+2 sockets, cables and Mode 3 sockets.
  • Measurement of the power output and energy.
  • RGB LED status indicators.
  • Customizable color screen.
  • RFID reader.
  • Ethernet and Wifi.
  • DLM 2.0.
  • OCPP.
  • Configuration through USB.
  • Front door for ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Ethernet switch to minimize the cost of Ethernet cabling.
  • Overvoltage protection devices.
  • Warning message in the event of a power outage.Possible customization with vinyls on all four faces.
  • General AC breaker for the rapid disconnection of the charger.
  • 3G Modem (optional).
  • DC current leakage detector (optional).


For any incident involving equipment from the INGEREVĀ® range, you can contact our Technical Support Service (SAT), through the following e-mail: marketing@arushigreenenergy.com.