About Us

ARUSHI GREEN ENERGY (India) PRIVATE LIMITED is an experienced solar power consulting company. We deliver integrated sustainable solar energy production solutions. Our portfolio comprises of solar systems for private and commercial users as well as the public sector.

We are experienced in solar power Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Supply of economic solar power installations. Our trained and professional team add real value for your solar project and will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to clients. We do not compromise on quality, performance and longevity of the systems we deliver. We design them by combining components from leading producers with those we have developed and produced ourselves. We also offer transparent and customer friendly warranty provision.

Arushi Green Energy provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction solution for Off-grid/On- Grid installations for homes, agriculture users, public facilities and large commercial projects. We also offer a broad range of special architectural applications and off grid standalone installations.

Solar power installations have to be ecologically and economically profitable. Precise planning, meticulous selection of premium components and their optimal harmonization with each other are important building blocks of solar success.

ARUSHI GREEN ENERGY built on a platform of over 25 years knowledge in the area of solar power and energy management. The ARUSHI Green Energy team comprises of seasoned consulting, design, and management professionals and experience is our hallmark. We have ability to solve the problem with the aim to build solid dividends on a secure investment, reducing dependence on conventional energy.

We understand the current trends within our industry and also gain insight to the environment of Clients, Technology, and Society in general, so that our solution becomes relevant and provides the needed impact. We focus on result rather than work, enthusiastic about sharing knowledge, committed to a life time of learning, reading, observing, and growing.

We consider ourselves part of global network in shaping transformation to produce clean, decentralised and fairly shared energy we need to live on earth.

Arushi Green Energy has a strategic alliance with advisory panel supported by "the brightest and best". Our advisory board members are more experienced and knowledgeable in their pertinent field.

We are seeking a professional opportunity to prove our skills to benefit your organization by capitalizing our professional success as consultant. We are having the talent and the experience to become the best performers. We also have knowledge of various key areas that will definitely impact bottom line.

Our team is comprised of core professionals in this field, who have been dedicated to solar industry for the past several years. The combined experience of our core group exceeds 25 years in solar water heating and solar photovoltaic systems. Our team in Marketing, Production, Quality and Projects are veterans in their respective areas with the design and installation experience of over 3 Lakh litres in solar water heating system and cumulative of 25 MW of Solar Off-Grid and On-Grid connected power plant in India. Thus with our inherent strength, we can confidently present ourselves and ensure that we deliver the best designed and operational system.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To create awareness about the uses of Solar, Wind, Biogas and Biomass based various technologies among the public.
  • To promote the installation of power plants based on renewable energy sources for energy Security.
  • To promote the energy conservation measures for efficient use of energy resources.
  • To promote green building design for efficient use of energy in housing, commercial and industrial sector.